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Druid Dice

Event Room - Main Space - 2 hours

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Rent out our main play area! Max 20 people.

Great for D&D, TTRPGs, board game nights, private dice making classes and more! Food and drink is allowed. 

Reserving for a private class? Select class type after selecting your date and time!

Classes we currently offer

Dice Making: $40 per person

In this class you’ll learn the basics for creating your very own shiny math rocks! Will walk you through all of the steps of the process and explain all of the equipment you need while helping you cast your own dice!

Mini Painting: $15 per person

Learn the process of prepping miniatures, detail painting, shading, adding contrast and highlights to make your hero (or villain!) come to life!

One-shot Adventure: $10 per person

One of our in house Game Masters will lead you on an adventure! Explore the dragon's lair, escape intergalactic pirates, save the town from werewolves, and more with a private game master weaving a tale for you in the game type of your choosing. From classic D&D or Call of Cthulhu make your game night amazing!


If booking additional class services we will contact you to confirm attendance and price per person. 
Event room booking fees are a non-refundable deposit. If you need to change dates or times please contact us by phone at 913-749-8800 or email at